Our classes are offered in a very friendly and encouraging environment. Classes start off with a proper warm up session including aerobic/muscular workouts and drills.

Techniques are shown by the instructor in a very detailed manner. Students are free to ask questions and speak with the instructor if they need help with any aspect of the exercise. Several techniques and variations are shown, after which students are free to begin sparring, remaining under the constant and vigilant supervision of the instructor.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that emphasizes posiotional control of the opponent with the goal of forcing him into submission by applying joint locks or chokes. Classes are offered with the gi (kimono) and without (no gi).

Competition team training

This class is high intensity and designed for serious competitors. Training is focused on conditionning, drills, tournament strategies and competitive sparring. It is recommended to have a minimum of 1 month of training before attending this class.


Wrestling is a cornerstone of MMA and this class is designed to help our students grow their base by developing timing and explosiveness to execute effective takedowns.


Judo is a grappling art specializing in throwing techniques and sweeps. Our focus is the development of maximum efficiency through minimum effort. Our class is ideal for those who want to sharpen their stand up game.A gi is required for this class.